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19/04/2022 - The Visual Turn in Legal Studies - Rotterdam, venerdė 22 aprile 2022, ore 14.30

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PAROLE CHIAVE: Diritto e arte

April 22nd 14h30

Erasmus University Rotterdam (Woudestein Campus)

The Visual Turn in Legal Studies

Opening Remarks: Federica VIOLI (Erasmus School of Law)

Douglas PINHERO (Universidade de Brasília), Optical Constitutionalism
Discussant: Isabel AWAD CHERIT (Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication)

Sofia STOLK and Renske VOS (TMC Asser Institute / VU Amsterdam), International Legal Sightseeing as a Phenomenon and as a Methodology
Discussant: Anna MIGNOSA (Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication)

Stefania GIALDRONI (Università di Padova), Iustitia Mercatoria. Places, Spaces, and Iconographies of Mercantile Justice in Europe
Discussant: Ellen HEY (Erasmus School of Law)


16:15 – 17:45
Francesco GAMBINO (Private Law, Università di Macerata), Legal Thought and Cinematographic Language. The Fake Captain Köpenick and the Look of Others
Discussant: Bert DEMARSIN (KU Leuven)

Diana M. NATERMANN (University of Hamburg), Constructing a White Self. The Photographic Depiction of White Dining Culture in Colonial Central Africa
Discussant: Olga SEZNEVA (UVA)

Claudia ROESLER (Universidade de Brasília), What We Can Learn About Law From Margaret Atwood's Alias Grace: The Image of a Woman between the Drawings in the Press, the Book, and Netflix Series
Discussant: Jeanne GAEKEER (Erasmus School of Law)

Closing Roundtable: LawArt Board of Editors (Giovanni CHIODI, Massimo MECCARELLI, Elisabetta FUSAR POLI, Antonio CAPPUCCIO, Cristiano PAIXAO, Federica VIOLI)

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